Sunday, August 4, 2013

accusing the accuser

Good evening friends,
I hope you've gotten to enjoy this amazing day. In the first chapter of Romans Paul spells out how the gentiles have gone wrong by worshiping idols instead of God, even though their examination of the world should be enough to show them God. His focus on idolatry makes his Jewish readers feel a little self-congratulatory, but Paul then pivots to accuse them as well. He argues in today's reading that those who look down on sinners are usually sinning as well. He is building a case that we are all in need of God's grace because we are not righteous on our own. Fortunately, God's love is stronger than our sin.

God bless,

Romans 2:1-11
Therefore you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; for in passing judgement on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, are doing the very same things. 2You say, ‘We know that God’s judgement on those who do such things is in accordance with truth.’ 3Do you imagine, whoever you are, that when you judge those who do such things and yet do them yourself, you will escape the judgement of God? 4Or do you despise the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience? Do you not realize that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?

5But by your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath, when God’s righteous judgement will be revealed. 6For he will repay according to each one’s deeds: 7to those who by patiently doing good seek for glory and honour and immortality, he will give eternal life; 8while for those who are self-seeking and who obey not the truth but wickedness, there will be wrath and fury. 9There will be anguish and distress for everyone who does evil, the Jew first and also the Greek, 10but glory and honour and peace for everyone who does good, the Jew first and also the Greek. 11For God shows no partiality.

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